Multi Strand Necklaces

Candy and Copper

Red Agate and Copper triple strand necklace


Peaceful Om

Swarovski Crystal and Riverstone Om Necklace


Gemstone Tree

Double Strand Gemstone Tree of Life Necklace


Tiger Power

Tigereye double strand Necklace


Rhyolite Garden

Rhyolite Gemstone Necklace


Padparadscha Magic

Gemstone and Crystal Double Strand Necklace


The Pharaoh

Gemstone Pectoral Necklace


Black and Blue

Lapis and Onyx Necklace


Good Morning Sunshine

Jasper and Crystal Necklace


Silken Safari

Jasper and Crystal Double Strand Necklace


Strands of Purple

Amethyst Necklace with Crystal from Swarovski®


Dragon Blood Cascade

Dragon Blood Double Strand Necklace


Moukaite Madness

Moukaite and Crystal Necklace


Verdant Goddess

Unachite Necklace with Crystal from Swarovski®


Feminine Beauty

Rose Quartz & Amethyst Necklace


Amethyst and Copper

Gemstone Necklace



Gemstone Convertible Necklace


Rose Quartz Fan

Gemstone Fan Necklace



Gemstone Double Strand Necklace


Tiger Eye Fan

Gemstone Fan Necklace



Convertible Gemstone Necklace


Desert Princess

Gemstone Multi Strand Necklace


Red Hot Lava

Swarovski Crystal and Pearl Necklace


Stones and Pearls

Tiger Eye and Pearl Necklace


Olive Grove

Unachite and Crystal Necklace