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Multi Strand Necklaces

Autumn Raven

Gemstone Raven Necklace with Dryad Pendant


Lush Agate Grove

Green Agate and Crystal Necklace


Rhyolite Garden

Rhyolite Gemstone Necklace


The Stag Lord

Double strand Stag necklace


Tiger Power

Tigereye double strand Necklace


Gemstone Tree

Double Strand Gemstone Tree of Life Necklace


Hammer of the North

Gemstone and Swarovski Hammer of the North Necklace


Hare Trinity

Gemstone and Swarovski Triple Hare Necklace


Peaceful Om

Swarovski Crystal and Riverstone Om Necklace


Magnasite Magic

Magnesite and Tibetan Silver Double Strand Necklace


Eternal Life

Double strand gemstone Ankh necklace


Candy and Copper

Red Agate and Copper triple strand necklace

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